OCDSB Top 10 Priorities

Ottawa Friends,

I am putting forward an agenda for discussion over the coming months, prior to the 2018 Municipal Elections in Ottawa. I hope the plan below will also serve as reference material for the new team of OCDSB Trustees, starting later this year.

It is an agenda of change, renewal and hope for a better School District. It combines progressive elements (equity and quality education for ALL) with a call for a more effective and efficient system.

OCDSB, as the largest school board in Ottawa, must rebuild trust with students, parents and communities. It must also demonstrate, in a proactive manner, that it seeks to engage and consult with the people it is mandated to serve.

Over the next four years, let’s create the schools and programs our children deserve. Here’s my Top 10 priorities for 2018-2022:

[1] Equity and quality education for ALL: a system where student needs take precedence over inflexible rules;

[2] Ongoing and meaningful consultations with students, parents and communities; an open, transparent, and user-friendly system;

[3] More authority for the Board to make decisions at the local level – as opposed to key decisions largely made by the provincial Ministry of Education;

[4] Long-term and effective planning for schools and programs across the District; no more rushed and half-baked actions;

[5] More accountability and better performance for school programs: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

[6] More resources into the classroom (including Educational Assistants) and for extracurricular activities;

[7] Better communication of learning plans, so everyone (students, teachers, parents) can monitor progress and help improve student performance;

[8] Better, more extensive professional development for teachers, with a focus on special education;

[9] Access to technology for teachers and students; a “licence to innovate” in the classroom;

[10] A focus on student well-being, including extensive resources and services for positive mental health, provided at or through the school.

Dragos Popa


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