Standing Up for Bay Ward: A Message to Constituents

BrittanniaBeach (2)

Dear Parents / Guardians and Community Members,

Undoubtedly, being a school board trustee is a big responsibility.  I am fully aware of this, and I believe I can make a positive and real difference to the lives of Bay Ward students, and to their families and communities.

There are so many problems to be fixed in our local schools and in programs across the District. I have witnessed this reality firsthand for over ten years – as the parent of two boys attending OCDSB schools, and as a member of several OCDSB committees, particularly the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).

In my role as a SEAC member and part of the executive team of the Association for Bright Children (ABC) of Ontario – Ottawa Chapter, I receive on a regular basis messages from parents encountering difficulties with their children’s placement in various schools or programs, with the quality of education their kids receive, or lack of essential supports, like those relating to mental health. Some of their stories are truly heartbreaking! I want to make sure that such cases are addressed promptly, and the problems are fixed.

I am also a strong advocate for equity: too many students in Ottawa are falling through the cracks – particularly low socio-economic status students; kids from racialized communities; children discriminated against because of their disabilities, ethnicity, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation; and those whose families are new to Canada.

I am asking for your support in advancing a progressive agenda in one of Ottawa’s most diverse, ambitious, and inspiring wards.

I look forward to meeting with all OCDSB school communities in Bay Ward over the next five months, up to Election Day – and over the following four years as an OCDSB trustee. In the meantime, I would be very happy to receive your suggestions and comments at

Read my proposed list of Top 10 priorities for 2018-2022 in OCDSB here.

What I am proposing is an agenda of change, renewal and hope for a better school district. Join me in rebuilding trust in public schools.

Thank you!


P.S. In Ontario, “a school board is a body that operates the province’s publicly funded schools. The school board is governed by its publicly elected board members (the board of trustees). Collectively, boards of trustees set the vision for the school board, develop policies, allocate resources and set the goals that lay the foundation and drive programs and operations in the school board.”

Did You Know? OCDSB is the largest school district in Eastern Ontario, with an annual budget of $928 Million (2017-18). Student enrollment is now approximately 73,000, making it the seventh largest by population in the province. The Board operates 113 elementary schools, 25 secondary schools, and 5 alternate programs at the secondary level.

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