Please Vote Monday, October 22 – Why It Is Important

Digital tablet and apple on the desk


With just a few days left to the municipal elections, I wanted to reach out and reaffirm why I decided to file my nomination for a school trustee position in the first place, five months ago.

I believe strongly in the value of public education in our Canadian society and I am convinced that much more can be done to improve our schools, educational programs and specialized services for our children.

‎Education is a public good; as taxpayers and parents, we need to ensure not only that we’re getting the best possible value for the finite resources available, but also that our children reach their full potential in an innovative and supportive ‎school system.

‎While school board elections are – understandably – not top of mind for most voters, the boards of trustees play a critically important role in shaping our schools and, by extension, our immediate communities and also our children’s future.

‎I am urging you to vote on October 22 for school trustees who are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to an effective and progressive public school system.

Please spend a few minutes to research where trustee candidates stand on various policy issues and check their personal and professional background – to be confident you’re making an informed decision. On the City of Ottawa Elections website you can find links to all trustee candidates’ websites and social media channels.

You can access my website for more information on my Top 10 Priorities for 2018-2022 and Why I Run for Office. You can also contact me directly by email at with any questions, comments and suggestions you might have.

Please let your friends and family living in Bay Ward (OCDSB Zone 4) know about my campaign, and encourage them to vote on Monday, October 22. What I’m proposing is an agenda of change, renewal and hope for a better education system. Join me in rebuilding trust in public schools!




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