Top 10 Priorities

An Agenda of Change, Renewal and Hope for a Better School District 

ocdsb logoProposed Top 10 Priorities for 2018-2022

[1] Equity and quality education for ALL: a system where student needs take precedence over inflexible rules;

[2] Ongoing and meaningful consultations with students, parents and communities; an open, transparent, and user-friendly system;

[3] More authority for the Board to make decisions at the local level – as opposed to key decisions largely made by the provincial Ministry of Education;

[4] Long-term and effective planning for schools and programs across the District; no more rushed and half-baked actions;

[5] More accountability and better performance for school programs: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

[6] More resources into the classroom (including Educational Assistants) and for extracurricular activities;

[7] Better communication of learning plans, so everyone (students, teachers, parents) can monitor progress and help improve student performance;

[8] Better, more extensive professional development for teachers, with a focus on special education;

[9] Access to technology for teachers and students; a “licence to innovate” in the classroom;

[10] A focus on student well-being, including extensive resources and services for positive mental health, provided at or through the school.