Publications / Presentations

Selected Publications and Presentations

2016: “Drowning in Indicators? A Progressive Performance Measurement Solution for Regulatory Programs,” presentation delivered at the Community of Federal Regulators Annual National Workshop, Ottawa, ON

2013-2016: Reports and studies on various topics relating to international relations, post-secondary education, public health, and business management

2012: “A Matrix Policy Approach for Engaging the Asia-Pacific Region,” with Bogdan Buduru, paper delivered at the conference Canada and Asia: Setting a New Policy Agenda (Feb. 20-21), organized by Carleton University and the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

2011Door Half Open: Opportunities and Challenges for Potential Investors in Romania, paper commissioned by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute

2009: “Lost in Translation: The European Paradigm and External Realities at the Beginning of the 21st Century,” in Dilemmas of Communicating the European Union, edited by Dan Luca, Brussels: EurActiv

2007: “Surveying the Solitudes: Civil-Military Relations in Post-9/11 Canada,” in FrontLine Defence (Ottawa, Canada), no. 4/2007 (July/August)

2005: “Canada-Russia Relations: A Strategic Partnership?,” with Bogdan Buduru, in Canada among Nations, 2005: Split Images, edited by Andrew Cooper and Dane Rowlands, Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press

2005: “Romania and the EU: New Borders and Staged Enlargement,” with Bogdan Buduru, in Soft or Hard Borders? Managing the Divide in an Enlarged Europe, edited by Joan DeBardeleben, Burlington, VT: Ashgate

2005: “Civilian Control over the Military in Bulgaria and Romania (1989-2004),” in Transforming National Armed Forces in South East Europe: From the Social to the Military Challenge, edited by Ernst M. Felberbauer et al., Vienna: National Defence Academy and Bureau for Security Policy

2005: “Noi paradigme pentru relatiile civilo-militare din Europa centrala si de est,” in Monitor Strategic (Bucharest, Romania), no. 3-4

2005: “Moldova: Country at a Crossroads,” with Bogdan Buduru, in Transitions (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), vol. XLVI, no. 2